About Me

Writing and reading, the art of storytelling, have always been my greatest passions. When I was a teenager I wrote flash fiction, and later started creating my own worlds and characters. For a long time, I wanted to become an actress and even attended acting school – but quickly realised that rather to be on stage, I want to be the one writing the stories.

In 2019, I attended my first Creative Writing class at Bonn University. In the same year, I studied at University College Cork, where I took a class in poetry. There, I found out that I could study Creative Writing. In 2020 I worked as an assisting teacher in Italy, preparing for my new writing journey when suddenly coronavirus became rampant.

Finally, in 2021 I started my MA in Creative Writing at Leeds Trinity University. I graduated with distinction in the winter of 2022. The next big step is to make my debut as an author. Besides working on my novel, I also write short stories and poems. I am a fan of most mediums of story-telling, including movies/ series, art, and music. Anything that can take us away from our everyday life and make us think and feel, with a hint of magic or weirdness.

Besides my passion for writing, I also love to take photos and draw. I’m passionate about animal rights and vegan since 2018. I cook and bake, and try to learn a bit every day. Buddhism, slow living, and minimalism are some other areas that inspire me.

I believe in the power of storytelling. Stories are more than a means of escape from our mundane everyday life, we also grow with them. Stories have been my greatest teachers; from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings, anime, and Korean dramas, movies from all over the world. There is so much to see; stories give us glimpses of different lives and different worlds. They show us our differences, but also what we all have in common. They help us connect with other people, and make us think about our lives and the world. Anything is possible in stories, and they are very much alive as long as somebody is listening.